What exactly does an event planner do?

Here at Lady V Events and Designs we organize budgets, timelines, floor plans as well as coordinate vendor meetings, venue visits, client meetings and much more. We save our client’s time and energy by providing them a list of vendor referrals, so their time is not wasted on shopping around for vendors that do not meet their requirements. When choosing a list of venues for our clients to visit, we take into consideration our client’s ideas, personalities, number of guests and develop an event designed perfect for them.

How do you initiate contact and consultations with clients?

During our initial consultation, we will briefly discuss your event via phone or email and set up a time and date to meet face to face. Once we meet face to face, we will have a more in-depth conversation about your expectations for the event. If you are not located within the DMV area that is perfectly fine, other options include: FaceTime, Skype, etc.

For the initial consultation, is it required that I have pre-considered themes, estimated number of attendees, and venue ideas?

If you have this information already, it can only help. However, if you do not, there is no need to worry! We will fill out a questionnaire together to help us gather all of this information. We do highly suggest that you have an ideal budget, and let us know what are a “must” and a “no-go” for your event.

What is your dress attire for events?

Lady V Events and Designs will wear professional, comfortable, dressy black attire for every event unless otherwise requested (i.e. kid’s parties, black tie events, etc.).

How quickly do you respond to emails and phone calls?

Here at Lady V Events and Designs we are dedicated to our clients. We have a policy put in place where we are committed to responding to all emails and phone calls within a 24-48 business hours.

Do you only cater to certain religious or ethnic groups?

Lady V Events and Designs cater to all religious and ethnic groups. We will ensure that all religious and ethnic customs and traditions are incorporated wherever the client sees fit.