Happy Fall Y'all!!

So, it’s official, summer is over and autumn/fall is here. Although I love the hot summer days, and jumping in the pool to cool off, I really enjoy everything that autumn brings. The light layering clothes, leaves changing colors, smell of pumpkin and cinnamon, the taste of hot chocolate and caramel lattes, wearing darker nail polishes, changing out décor in home from summer to fall, and most of all hanging around the fire pit on cool nights making s’mores with my husband and kids. It’s really relaxing and for a second…just a second, the boys are sitting still waiting for their s’mores to be done. Of course, soon after that they have a sugar high and are running all over the house again, but to see them smiling and laughing, makes it worth it! It makes my “why” as an event planner that much stronger.

As an event planner, this is such a festive time of year for parties, by far one of my most favorite times. From planning “Spook-tacular” Halloween parties for kids, or decorating a “Haunted Mansion” party for adults, even Harvest themed parties (for those that don’t celebrate Halloween) it all makes me excited and ideas seem to flow so easily. I find myself walking down the aisle of a store putting together floral arrangements, creating unique centerpieces, finding items for entryways and candy tables. Once I am back at home, I get on the computer to look up costume ideas for clients and fun Halloween party foods, I flip through magazines tearing out pages for my client's vision board and very often at night I wake up from my sleep to journal my ideas/dreams before dozing back off. The kid's parties are always fun and never too scary for them. They enjoy the crafts tables and games, and devour the candy/dessert table. The adult haunted mansion parties are always a hit. The experience starts outside before you even get in the door, from spiders, to ghost, to fog machines. music and lights, there is no doubt if you are at the right place. The adults enjoy cocktails, music, dancing and fun halloween-themed food. To see everyone having a great time, just makes me smile, I love to see people having fun, it's so rewarding and exciting. I probably get so excited now as an adult because of not being able to do a lot of this as a kid growing up.

Growing up I didn’t live in a neighborhood and my parents weren’t big on Halloween. Therefore going “trick or treating” in a neighborhood and attending or having Halloween parties were very rare/nonexistent. I do remember however, a few times, we went to the mall for “trick or treating”, but we didn’t dress up in costumes. I think my parents felt as though the candy was “safer” at the mall than a stranger’s house, which now after having kids makes perfect sense. LOL. As an adult, I have found myself enjoying this holiday where you can dress up and be anything you want. It’s the one time of year where it’s kind of accepted to dress as crazy or weird as you want without having to explain yourself, unless someone just doesn’t get your costume (Yikes). It really is interesting to see how creative people are and what they come up with.

I know I already have some ideas floating around about my costume this year. Last year may have been my favorite costume yet. I am a huge Johnny Depp fan, so it was only right that I paid homage to his character by becoming, Edward(ina) Scissorhands. It was so much fun and people didn't expect that from me. I like to keep people on their toes. LOL. So what did you dress up as last year? What was your favorite costume you ever wore? What are some costume ideas you have for this year?

Halloween 2016; Lady V as Edward(ina) Scissorhands

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