Give Me Candy. Give Me Cake. Give Me Something Sweet to Take!

I am one who loves desserts and candy. So, naturally one of my favorite parts of any event I attend or plan, is the dessert bar, and or candy buffet. I have found that these tables are not only kid friendly, but are a major hit amongst adults. Rarely finding any dessert or candy left by the end of the night. Setting up dessert and candy buffets can sometimes be tricky, and if you aren’t sure of what you are doing, it can become very expensive. Below I will list a few tips to help you achieve your goal in creating a dessert/candy buffet for your event.

1. You should have variety, but don’t go overboard purchasing a huge amount of candy. A general rule of thumb is that you should have about 8 ounces of candy for each person. So, if you have 100 people that’s 50 lbs. of candy. Be sure to include, chocolate, fruit flavored candy, and mints. Some candy may weigh more than others, so thinking of your jars/containers while purchasing candy will be very helpful too. If you are displaying cupcakes, cake-pops, cookies, etc. and have a lot of guest attending you may not want to display every cupcake. Displaying approximately 24-36 depending on your stand(s) should be good enough. I suggest leaving the rest in the kitchen area, until they are needed. You don’t want your table to look crowded and messy.

2. When setting up the bar/buffet, symmetry provides a cleaner, more organized look. So, I suggest each shape jar you buy, get 2-3 of the same. Do this with your cake pop, and cupcake stands as well. Also, having something in the center of table that is a different shape, or that stands out is a good idea. If your candy buffet, and dessert bar are being shared on the same table, I suggest putting cupcakes, or cake in the center where people won’t have to reach pass the cupcakes to the candy and accidentally getting icing on them.

3. To bring more dimension to your table, elevate some jars on wooden crates, wrapped boxes or acrylic stands. I suggest covering crates with another tablecloth, unless you have a rustic theme or any other theme, where seeing the crates won’t be an eye sore.

4. Incorporate some décor from the party on the dessert, and or candy table. For example, if you are doing a Paris themed party, maybe a large Eifel tower in the center of table (elevated), or if it’s a sailor themed party, maybe some small anchors on table, or a nice ship/boat as the centerpiece. Flowers are also a nice touch to dress up your table. Your bar/buffet should always be an extension of your party.

5. Your bar/buffet should reflect the same color scheme as your party. So, if your colors are Black, White, Gold and Pink. Your candy and desserts, should be those same colors. Throwing other colors in the bar/buffet, can and will throw your pictures, and party off. Also adding labels for each item on your table will cause less confusion, and a smoother process for your guests.

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