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The temperature has dropped and leaves are falling, but believe it or not, flowers are still blooming. During this time, it's easy to go into a floral shop and find the warmer, and darker colored flowers, like oranges, burgundies, and purples. I love going to these shops and buying fresh flowers, but if you are allergic and would like flowers around your house or for an event, you can still find similar silk flowers at your local arts and crafts shops.

Below are my five favorite flowers for the fall.

1. Roses- I absolutely love roses all year long, but especially in the fall. Whether it's cream/ivory, dark red, or orange, you can't go wrong. Roses are classic and timeless, and works well for any event. I think they look beautiful in wedding bouquets, birthday party centerpieces, or as a single rose in a small glass vase, as part of a table setting at a baby or bridal shower.

2. Asiatic Lilies- Orange being my favorite color, it's only right that the orange asiatic lily is one of my favorite flowers. For the fall season this flower is a perfect compliment to a dark red rose or purple dahlia arrangement in a pumpkin designed vase.

3. Dahlias- These flowers can be found in an array of colors, such as, yellow, burnt orange, Burgundy, fuschia and more. If you are looking to give a loved one some flowers for a birthday, or looking for some florals to put around a room, before getting down on one knee to propose, I am sure these flowers will make them feel very special and loved. A beautiful alternative to your traditional rose.

4. ​Chrysanthemum "Mums"- Personally, in the fall I love to decorate outdoor, rustic, and harvest themed events with Mums. Adding them to entryways with a few hay stacks, leaves, and pumpkin decor are sure to bring your harvest vision to life. They just scream "It's Fall Y'all!!"

5. Lotus Pods- One may not consider this, a flower, however it makes a nice accent to fall floral arrangements. Sometimes when sprayed or dipped in gold leaf or silver glitter floral spray and scattered in the center of a formal dinner table along with a floral or pumpkin centerpiece these lotus pods can add a little harvest glam.

There are a lot more flowers in season than what I listed above, I encourage you to visit your local stores and check them out. Don't be surprised if you leave with a lot of ideas of putting together a floral arrangement for yourself. I was so inspired yesterday buying flowers, that I left with way more than I intended.

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