Halloween is next week, and you debated all summer long about having a party. You thought about potentially hiring an event planner, but decided against it and now you are regretting that decision. Just recently you asked your family and friends to come over to your house for a halloween party this weekend, and now you have to decorate and don't know where to start. Whatever you do, don't start to panic, there a few things you can do in just a few days to make this party a hit. Below are a few of my suggestions.


*Place tombstone decor in flowerbed

*Spiderwebs on your windows and shutters

*Have spiders crawling up your steps to your front door

*Place a witches brew pot by front door surrounded pumpkins, hay and some skeletons

*Fill planters with several pumpkins

*Add an "Enter if you dare" sign to your front door knob


*Place skeletons or ghosts on the sofa or in dining chairs

*Pumpkin, spiders and crows can be used on dining table to create a unique centerpiece display

*If you want to block off rooms, but still want people to see decor add caution tape and spiderwebs across the opening


*Halloween themed paper/fabric hand towels

*Cover mirror with spiderwebs/black netting

*Pin/tape several spiders to the wall

FAMILY ROOM AND KITCHEN (where most of the entertaining will be)

*Cover all windows and curtains with spiderwebs

*In family room make a large square cocktail table with hay stacks

*Stretch black netting or spiderwebs over cabinets

*Hang skeletons and ghosts from ceiling

*Place a motion-sensor talking witch in the corner- should surprise/startle guests as they walk by

*Decorate fireplace with battery operated candles, crows, and potion book decor

*Vintage pictures of people on mantle would be a nice touch

*Include flying bats and black cat decor around room to help add to your halloween spooky vibes

There are plenty of other things you can do to bring your theme together, but hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start. If you realize that next year you want an even bigger party and would like to hire an event planner, please keep Lady V Events and Designs in mind. We would love to take the pressure and stress off of you and execute an event you and your guests will love.

***All suggested items can be found at your local party stores and craft stores***

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