Here comes the.....BRIDESMAIDS!!

Did you recently get engaged? Are you planning on having a wedding next year in the fall? Of course, you already have an idea of what type of dress you would like to walk down the aisle in. You probably have known since you were a little girl, playing dress up, and watching princess movies, but what about your maid of honor and bridesmaids? Most brides have no idea what to look for, for their bridesmaids. Whether you are trying to consider comfortability, everyone's shape, height, personality, or body art; picking a dress can be time consuming, and/or stressful.

The easiest decision, (in my opinion) to make first is your color choice. During the fall, warm and dark colors are very popular. Such as:

  • Burgundy

  • Eggplant

  • Orange/Burnt Orange

  • Navy

  • Teal

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For the maid of honor, you can choose either the same style dress and a different color, or a different style and same color. If you are choosing a different color I suggest staying in the same color family, or choose a complimentary light or metallic color. For example if your bridesmaids dresses are navy, silver or gold would be a nice compliment, for the maid of honor. Beige or Champagne would be a nice choice for a maid of honor, if the bridesmaids are wearing burnt orange. Although lighter/softer colors are nice compliments, some brides are bold and their friends are too, so they may choose two bold colors, such as teal and eggplant. It is your day so of course, ultimately the decision is yours and I am sure your bridesmaids will be happy to be there and support you.

The next and sometimes more difficult decision to make is the style/silhouette. Your dress selection should coincide with your wedding theme, and compliment your gown. The idea is to have everyone looking like they are attending the same event. If you are having a vintage theme you may want your bridesmaids to have a little lace detail, or even pearls. If you are having more of a traditional evening wedding, the bridesmaids will wear floor length gowns. If you are having a early wedding, fit-and-flare dresses are appropriate. There are so many different dress silhouettes to choose from, so below are some of the most popular:

  • A-Line-Ideal for tall and or pear shaped bridesmaids

  • Mermaid- Perfect if you would like to show off and embrace your bridesmaids' curves

  • Empire: Some find this silhouette to be convenient and comfortable for pregnant bridesmaids

  • Trumpet- great for petite framed bridesmaids

  • Fit-and-Flare: curvy bottom, average or shorter height

  • One-shoulder/Crossover neckline- Perfect for larger bust woman

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If picking a dress for your bridesmaids is still too overwhelming, and taking away from the joy your wedding is supposed to bring, a final suggestion would be to just pick a color, then your dress length (consider the time of day) and go with a convertible style dress. This dress can be tied different ways around the neck, down the back, and around the waist. This dress should compliment all of your bridesmaids shape and they can tie it in a way that fits their personality.

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Lastly, if your bridesmaids are wearing sleeveless style dresses, I would suggest having everyone order a similar style and color shawl, due to the weather. Also, remember to enjoy the process. Everything really is going to work out, and you are going to be a beautiful bride!!

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