A month of "THANKS-GIVING"!!

First, I would like to wish my mom a Happy Birthday today. I am sure you are getting an alert as soon as I post this, and will send me a text if I have any grammatical errors (LOL). I am so thankful to have you in my life, as a mom and friend. You have been in my corner, supporting me since "Day 1", and have been the motivation and inspiration I have needed on numerous occasions. Thank you for the unconditional love you showed daily, even when I was too young to truly understand and appreciate it. I love you and I pray you are blessed with many more years of love, great health, joy, peace, and your heart's desires.

- Love, Your Favorite Daughter; Your One and Only Daughter :)

Thanksgiving is upon us, and if any of you are like me, you can't wait to sit down at the table and "gobble gobble" all the food up. This is my favorite holiday to eat, be amongst family and friends, and to relax (once all the cooking is done). Along with this being a great time with family and friends eating, it's also a great time to share and show how you are thankful to the people in your life. After all it is a month of "THANKS-GIVING". In the past I have found myself saying thank you to people, for different reasons and or things they have done to help me in this journey of life. Although it always comes from a genuine place, I asked myself "how can you SHOW people your gratitude, and appreciation?". So it dawned on me one day, I would use the month of November to show my gratitude to the people in my life, whether they are family, friends, mentors, or colleagues. Do you have any people you would like to show your appreciation to? In showing your gratitude it doesn't have to be with big expensive gifts but whatever it is, it should be thoughtful. I have listed several ideas to help you say thank you to the people in your life.

  • For the person who likes to relax and take baths : An aromatherapy candle, and a Bath Bubble Bomb (Bath and Body Works, and Lush)

  • A 4-cupcake sample box (Georgetown Cupcakes, Sprinkles, or your local bakery)

  • Box of chocolates

  • Coffee and/or Donut Lover: Starbucks, Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts gift card

  • Not a Fan of Coffee: coffee mug, box of hot cocoa, and a bag of marshmallows

  • Aspiring author in the works: Nice size journal with a smooth writing pen.

  • He/She can't put a book down? What about a book light, and an engraved or metal book mark

  • You have a business? Gift cookies or lollipops with your logo designed on it

  • Gift previous clients and or followers with 5-10% off future services

Remember it's not Christmas just yet, and people aren't expecting anything from you during this month, so don't go crazy, I am sure they will appreciate whatever is is you give them. It really is all about the thought and gesture. Gift giving not really in your budget this month? That's okay too, what about writing a card/letter thanking the person for being there for you, don't forget to include special memories you have shared. "Remember that time we.." notes are a great way to reflect on past memories, and a sure way to bring a smile to the person's face and maybe even tears of joy to their eyes.

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