Spring Forward: What a Sweet Tooth!!

This year you can expect your guests to look for the "In-demand Dessert Tables" almost as soon as they get to your party, shower or reception. No matter the occasion a variety of desserts displayed on a table accompanied by beautiful decor, is a conversation starter and crowd pleaser. Below you will find a few popular spring-inspired desserts that you may want consider having at your upcoming event.

1. Switch it Up!! Vanilla and Chocolate cake/cupcakes are safe options for anyone, but let's be honest, your guests can get that at their local grocery store. Opt for a flavor your guests wouldn't normally try, but would be a pleasant surprise. Some season favorites:

a) Berry flavored icing, cake and filling. b) Tropical flavors; pineapple and coconut.

c) Citrus taste of lemon, lime and orange zest.

2. I D'eclair you won't be disappointed! Pastel E'clairs; your traditional eclair with a pastel colored glaze. All natural coloring from fruit juices, try it with lemon, and or strawberry, YUMMY!!

3. The perfect serving; Mini Strawberry Tarts! Maybe it's just me but any event I go to, where I have to cut my own dessert (pie, cake, etc), I choose to skip it and go to something else, even if it's something I really like. I used to always ask myself " How much is too much? or, please let this pie cut right and not where I need a spoon, knife and or fork to scoop it out." That's way too much pressure, especially when someone is right behind you. LOL. So, pre-cut or personal serving size desserts are always a plus and must for me.

4. Take a Shot!! Coconut Banana pudding served in small shot glasses, or martini glasses are so cute, and easy for your guests to pick up and go. Also, coconut + banana, now that's a win-win!

5. Say What?? A Vegetable for dessert? Rhubarb is a vegetable often compared to that of celery and known for being a little tart. Accompanied with the sweet taste of in-season strawberries, this duo pairs well for delicious sweet desserts. In fact their are too many varieties to choose from like a strawberry-rhubarb crisp, strawberry-rhubarb compote with fennel, and even strawberry-rhubarb no bake cheesecake.

I don't know about you but, I can't wait to incorporate some of these desserts and more for my next event. However until then, I'm going to my pantry, right now to check out what desserts I can make today. LOL! After this blog post, my sweet tooth is calling for some cake, cobbler or cheesecake! :)

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