April Showers: It's A Boy, It's A Girl!

It's almost the norm now to find baby showers as elaborate as weddings, and with that you can find planners, venues and vendors being in high demand. Below are some tips to help you plan along the way.

1. Set your date and pick a venue- I would suggest you do this as early as possible, especially if you are due during wedding season. Most of your local popular venues will book fast due to weddings. Understand that depending on the time of day for your shower, you may have to pay the same price for the venue fee as a couple getting married would. Day time baby showers, are often cheaper than night time "push parties"; which is a becoming a somewhat popular thing over these past few months. Your baby shower should take place 4-6 weeks before your due date.

2. Invitations- This is the first sign/clue that your guests will have, to know how fun, luxurious and/or creative your shower will be. Your invitations doesn't have to be as elaborate as wedding invitations, but they should still "wow" your guests, in their own way. Whatever theme and color scheme you choose make sure the invitation incorporates both, so their is no disconnect when your guests arrive. The last thing you want them to say is "Why did I get a unicorn invitation, but its only butterfly decor here", or "why were the invitations shades of blue, but all the party decor is pink for a girl". If for some reason you change your theme and you sent invitations out online, don't hesitate to resend new invites, or update them with your new theme.

3. Go Light- Unless you are having an evening shower/push-party, where dinner is expected to be served, go light with nice and easy finger foods. This will cut down on some of your costs, as food and drinks can easily eat at 40-50% of your budget.

4. Decor- DIY projects are perfect to incorporate for your centerpieces if time and your energy levels allow. When the shower is over, if it fits in with your nursery decor, add it to the room. If DIY projects are not your thing, maybe florals will work but choose some easy and full florals to work with, like hydrangeas, or baby's breath, drop them in a vase and move on to the next thing. Make sure whatever you choose, it fits in with your theme.

5. Favors- Don't waste your money buying your guests the little baby bottle, or pacifier favors that you find cute, because you are pregnant. Most of them wont find it as cute, after all they're not pregnant. I find that anything edible or personalized is a great choice, and your guests love it. There are some events I remember because, they gave their guests a delicious cookie, a small bottle of wine or had a gorgeous dessert/candy table. Favors are often given at the end and the last thing your guest remember before leaving..so make it count!

** Just an extra tip.... you can always hire Lady V Events and Designs to help alleviate the day to day stress you may have planning your shower while being pregnant... just a thought ...lol :)

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