I am a Georgia resident but the majority of my family resides in Maryland, so I thought it would be a good idea to have my daughter's baby shower there. However  would only be able to travel to MD a couple of days before the shower. I told VaShonda how many people would be attending and the color scheme. I sent a few pictures of my ideas, and by few I mean three or four. From those pictures and our phone conversation she was able to plan and execute the perfect baby shower. She found the venue, and personalized handwritten thank you cards. She and her team handled every single detail. My daughter's baby shower was everything I imagined it would be and more. I will definitely hire Lady V Events and Designs for all my future events, whether in MD or GA, since they provide destination services.


Every first time mom is super excited to have the perfect baby shower. It’s the time where all your love ones get to gather to celebrate in your excitement of getting a new bundle of joy. Being a first time mother, I didn’t know a lot; however, I knew the key to a perfect baby shower is an exceptional planning team. With that being said I knew I had to have VaShonda Arrington of Lady V Events and Designs. After attending a few of her events and witnessing her creative designs and exceptional professionalism I knew that she and her team was the perfect match for me. After setting up our first meeting to discuss business, we went straight to the drawing board to design the most amazing shower. As a little girl I loved Winnie the Pooh, so I knew it had to be the theme of the party. Together we constructed what was to be the prettiest 100 Acre Woods for my arriving “Hunny”. Every step of the way VaShonda and her team were extremely professional and provided quality customer service. They went above and beyond the call of duty. How so? So here we are two days before the baby shower I dreamed about for the past 3 months. I wake up to review any last minute items I need to prepare for the arrival of…..SPLASH!!!, yes I said splash and no that’s not the baby’s name. Why I say splash then? Because, my water breaks (pause for dramatic gasp). After being admitted to the hospital and given my miraculous epidural (they are truly a gift from God), I was able to think straight and I knew I had to contact VaShonda to let her know that someone was trying to crash the party. After being super excited and congratulating me, VaShonda went right to work. Within the hour she informed me that she contacted the venue and secured two new alternative dates for the baby shower. I don’t know how she did this because this place was super booked already, we barely secured the original date. She continued to work and contacted all the vendors, my guest and her team to let them know the new game plan. Thanks to this amazing woman two weeks later I was able to have the baby shower that I couldn’t have imagined to be better. Walking in I felt like I stepped right into a Winnie the Pooh story book. From "HUNNY" pots to Rabbit's garden, she had done it all. Every little detail had me more excited than Tigger. VaShonda has a true passion for the event planning field and she exemplifies it in everything she does to get the job done. She truly has gift of connecting with not just her clients but with all people. vendors love her, I love her, and all my guests loved her. I absolutely enjoyed working with her and cannot wait to work with her for Averie a.k.a. My Lil Hunny ‘s 1st birthday party.